The new SpaceStationPlaza Kin

If you signed up on, you’ll soon be a passenger here at the new SSP Social Network, temporarily known as, one of the web sites of the all-new which will be sharing kin members across all the member sites once migration is complete.

If you have identities on any of the separated sites, you will have an opportunity to merge the youngest into the oldest identity, providing for the maximum number of kin credits.

Techie types are hard at work preparing for the “official” launch of this system, in development after great transformations over several years. The idea for an online community developed into what is “Come Unity” now on the Planet-Art.Network online. The project is a culmination of much agreement was initiated by the Foundation for the Law of Time with the cooperation of SpaceStationPlaza and U Ching. We’re delighted to announce our preparation for an official launch!

July 25th & 26th of this 2015 Gregorian year, we celebrate the Day Out of Time at Asheville, North Carolina USA.

These two days are the ending and beginning of the 13 Moon calendar / synchronometer of Natural Time. On July 26, we welcome the White Planetary Wizard year, a year for Manifestation of Enchantment. Come celebrate with us More at the Day Out of Time – Asheville event.

This website is in development. You can assist in many different and great ways. <link>Here is a page<link> with the things we need, and also the work that still needs to be done. Of course, you are very welcome to join our forces, and contribute in many ways possible!

Space Kin is the Come Unity of Space Station Plaza, the website we know and visit because of the famous Kin that are enlisted in that interactive Tzolkin. At the Station you could, for years, sign up as a passenger. Many people signed up and have received our congratulations on their galactic birthdays. Now, finally we are ready to launch an interactive communication platform for our community and calendar change movement.

At Space Station Plaza many famous Kin (more then 90.000 records) are enlisted in the Tzolkin. Now we have almost enlisted the passengers of SSP with the Kin of the Planet Art Network in our Come Unity Tzolkin (we still work hard on this, but you see it on the left of this homepage). Of course, with our network in this new way it will soon be much easier to find any Kindred Spirits in your (bio) region.

So, take a look around in this new Space Station Online Come Unity Environment, and please share your ideas. Lets become more activated! For that reason we hope to see returning here, and maybe we come together in Asheville on 25/26 July 2015? It would be awesome to meet you there!

In Lak’ech, the SSP Crew.